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Worms Eat My Garbage

.Mary Appelhof, master vermiculturist better known as "The Worm Woman," wrote this comprehensive how-to on worm composting, including sections on equipment, care, harvesting and worm biology. Mary has put her master's degrees in biology and education to good use; she spent the past 25 years studying earthworms and developed a successful system for using redworms to process organic waste. In this book, Mary shares her secrets on composting with the novice, teaching the reader how to recycle kitchen food waste, produce rich worm castings for fertilizer and grow fishing worms. Readers following Mary through this informative, light-hearted book will become worm experts too. Excellent companion to the Worm Farm composter. Paperback; 162 pages with charts, diagrams, illustrations and glossary.

Price: $13.00

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