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EYE HORTILUX Platinum Series Digital Ballast Dual, 1000W Combo

The HORTILUX® Platinum Series Electronic Ballast was designed and manufactured by experts in lamp, ballast compatibility. Understanding how HID lamps operate is critical when designing a ballast that will power a grow lamp. This ensures consistent and reliable operation of grow lamps. The Platinum Series operates HORTILUX lamps and all other lamp brands with a low-frequency (120-hertz) square wave design which provides increased lamp life. In addition, the ballast allows the lamp to produce consistent intensity and a quality spectrum. The 1,000-watt Platinum is ETL listed, offers flicker-free operation, runs at 120 volts or 240 volts and is generator and flip box ready. Includes a 1,000-watt HORTILUX Super HPS lamp and carries a full five-year warranty.

Price: $660.00

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