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Discount Hydroponics

DripCap, 6″

Made from recycled plastic, the DripCap is a water conservation tool and grow medium protector. The elevated position of this cap and the air vents incorporated into it allow the correct amount of air exchange and slows the evaporation rate of water and nutrients while still completely covering growing medium to prevent algae growth. In addition, there are two permanently attached hose holders on the top of the cap which can adjust to fit hoses anywhere from 4 mm to 7.6 mm in size. With two hoses connected, there are four dripping holes beneath the cap with a diameter of 2 mm each. This size prevents clogging when compared to commercial drip emitters that typically have a smaller diameter. The DripCap has easy installation and removal at any stage of plant development with its rear hinge and split down the center of the cap.

Price: $3.00

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